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Collector Vehicle Insurance
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Collector Vehicle Insurance

Collector vehicle owners want and need to protect their investment. That's why we offer Hagerty collector vehicle insurance. Hagerty is made up of people who own collector vehicles. Hagerty Insurance is the largest insurance agency for collector vehicles in the United States.

Why buy collector vehicle insurance?
There's a big difference between collector vehicle insurance policies and regular auto policies.
Some benefits collector vehicle insurance includes:

  • Agreed Value Coverage - In case of a total loss, you get the full amount of insured value on your collector vehicle policy.
  • No Deductible - In most states, you pay nothing if you have a claim.
  • Restoration Coverage - Protect your collector vehicle with increased value during the active project.

What types of collector vehicles are covered?
Some types of collector vehicles that are covered are the following:

  • Antiques and classic cars
  • Muscle cars
  • Street rods
  • Modern classics
  • Trucks
  • Vehicles under active restoration

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*Collector vehicle insurance with AFI is written through our affiliated insurance company and secured through Armed Forces Insurance Agency. Affiliated insurance company is Hagerty Insurance.