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Umbrella Insurance
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Umbrella Insurance

You may want protection beyond military homeowner insurance, personal liability and auto insurance. An Umbrella insurance policy from AFI provides excess liability coverage should a judgment against you exceed your basic home or auto coverage.

AFI offers $1 million Umbrella policies that cover you, your spouse, and any relatives living in your household and insured by your primary policies. We match increased Umbrella limits for new members moving from another insurer.

Your AFI Umbrella policy also includes coverage if you are sued for false imprisonment, wrongful eviction, libel, slander, defamation of character or invasion of privacy, or if you unintentionally cause mental anguish. AFI's Umbrella policy excludes the following:

  • Farming
  • Intentional acts of the insured
  • Aircraft
  • The business, profession or occupation of the insured
  • Worker's compensation, unemployment, or similar laws
  • Owned but uninsured motor vehicles, including watercraft
  • Vehicles used for racing (except sailboats)
  • Some organization officer and director activities

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*Insurance products are underwritten by Armed Forces Insurance Exchange, Armed Forces Insurance Agency, and its affiliated companies. All policies and endorsements are subject to underwriting approval. Coverages, deductibles, limits, and discounts vary by state.